The Half Hundredweights – Provisional title


Naturally we’ve been toying around with possible titles for the book, although in these early days it’s not been high on our priority list.

From the above image (found at the back of a 1917 war diary), we’ve taken the provisional title for the book as The Dinkum Half Hundredweights, although we may yet drop the word ‘dinkum’.

Anyway, this nickname came from their battalion number; i.e. a hundredweight being 112 pounds, and 56 being half that.


One Response to “The Half Hundredweights – Provisional title”

  1. wes Says:

    H R Williams says in his book “The Gallant Company” that it is based on his diaries and letters home. Are these resources available? They would obviously be very helpful with the project.

    Editor’s response: Yes Wes, they would be valuable resources, but we haven’t yet investigated tracking these down. Anyway I suppose the most useful material would have made it into the two books.


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