Unit war diaries


One of the most important primary sources we’ll be using are the unit war diaries.  These were maintained by the unit on a monthly basis during the war and contain a wealth of details about a unit’s activities, both of a routine administrative and an operational nature. The original diaries are kept at the Australian War Memorial. 

Digitisation of the entire collection of First World War AIF diaries has commenced and these are progressively being made available for viewing online via the Memorial’s website.

The 56th Battalion’s and the 14th Brigade’s diaries are listed under ‘Infantry’.


One Response to “Unit war diaries”

  1. Noni Brown Says:

    FREDERICK FARDELL, 1st Cousin twice removed, Service Number 1652 was in the 53rd and transferred to 56th Battalion. Killed in Action 1 Sep 1918 at 6:00 a.m. Red Cross witness said he stood up to talk to a mate and was shot in the head by machine gun at Peronne, France. Frederick was buried 3 Sep 1918 thirty yards in scrub on left of road Peronne to Clery, France.

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