District contingent publications

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I’ve been going through a few publications held in the Australian War Memorial’s library, about the contingents of men who enlisted from the various regional districts in New South Wales.  The 56th Battalion was recruited from the southeastern triangle of NSW, including Sydney, the Hunter, Central and Southern Tablelands, the Southwest Slopes and a little farther west into the Riverina districts.

I’m finding these a very useful source for checking against the nominal roll we’re compiling and for finding photographs.  They seem to be quite well researched and comprehensive, and in some cases they also provide short biographical details on individual soldiers.

Apart from the four shown above, I’d be glad for any advice on other such books people might recommend.




5 Responses to “District contingent publications”

  1. marmi01 Says:

    Hi Guys,

    This book has some biographical information of some 56th men.

    “Canterbury’s Boys – World War 1 and Sydney’s Suburban Fringe” by the Canterbury & District Historical Society – published in 2002 (edited by Leslie Muir).

    Lists the soldiers from that area in alphabetical order and is quite a large book at 469 pages. I did see one 56th Battalion soldier in there and I’m pretty sure it will mention more.



    Mick Martin

    Editor’s response: Hi again Mick,

    Thanks for the tip on ‘Canterbury’s boys’ – I now see we have a copy in our collection.


  2. marmi01 Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I also believe that “Comrades of Great Adventure” by H R Williams might be handy – its about the author’s adventures with the 56th Battalion AIF.


    Editor’s response: Thanks Mick. Yes we’ve read this one. It’s a follow up to Gallant Company which Williams’ published in 1933. Both are good books.


  3. Ross Says:

    Have you read the book on the 5th Division by Ellis. I cannot recall if the 56th gets much coverage, but it does have fairly accurate casualty lists.

    Editor’s response: I think Nick has read it, and it’s on my list to read in the near future. It should be an important source of info though even if it doesn’t single out the battalion too often.


  4. Graeme Hosken Says:

    Glad you are finding ‘Wellington’s Finest’ a useful reference. Trevor spent 15 years researching it and the book could have been even thicker if time and money allowed. If you would like a mention in DIGGER magazine of your project as it evolves, contact me offline.

  5. Wes Says:

    I have just picked up a copy of “Our Soldiers: Bungendore and the great war” I havn’t had a chance to read it yet however there are a few references to the 56th in the index. It seems to be mainly a biographical book about soldiers from the Bungendore district.

    Editor’s comment: Thanks Wes, yes I think I’ve looked at this book, but I’ll check to be sure. We’ll have a copy in the Memorial library.


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